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Boku, Inc is a mobile payment provider founded in the UK in 2009 by Mark Britto, Ron Hirson, Erich Ringewald and Javier Martell. The payment system used by Boku is better known as carrier billing, which means that even if you don’t have a bank account, you can still make online purchases. Boku is also wildly popular among people who simply find it more convenient than using traditional banking methods. The majority of the purchases using this system are digital/virtual goods and services, such as online casino deposits. Boku won the “Best Alternative Payments” award at the 2014 Payment Awards.

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How To Deposit With Boku

So, you are here wanting to learn how to make a deposit with Boku to an online casino?

Well, you came to the right place!

Depositing with Boku is a very simple task thanks to the genius engineers at Boku HQ.

This is a step-by-step complete guide to using Boku when depositing to online casinos.

Let’s get started.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How To Deposit With Boku

  1. Decide on a casino.

  2. Select the option “Boku” or “Pay by phone bill” as your payment option.

  3. Confirm your phone number and deposit amount.

  4. Authorise the payment with the verification code sent to your phone.

  5. Enjoy! You have deposited with Boku!

Casino Fees When Using Boku

Boku is one of the few payment methods that alleviate the user (you) from any fees!

In other words, when depositing and withdrawing, you will be charged with ZERO additional fees.

Amazing, but beware – some shady casinos seem to have rules of their own and you are recommended to carefully read the terms & conditions before depositing!

We really wish other payment methods would follow through, don’t you?

Boku Screenshots

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Boku homepage
boku billing options screenshot gambla
Boku billing

Boku Casino Sites

Most of the online casinos that have a UKGC license offer Boku, simply because it would be stupid not to.

Because we wanted to save you a bunch of time, we compiled a list of all UK casinos that accept Boku – right here on this page.

Lucky you!

We will frequently update this list as more and more casinos choose to accept Boku payments.

The Advantages Of Playing On Boku Casinos

The advantages are many and our time is limited, so we will provide you with a quick run-down of the top advantages when playing on Boku casinos.

  • There are a lot of options.

No, really. There is an insane amount of Boku casinos available right now.

Especially when compared to, for example, PayPal casinos.

  • Boku is extremely secure.

The only personal information that you are exposing is your phone number and nothing else.

No account, no password, just your personal mobile phone.

  • Boku is 100% free to use.

With Boku, there are ZERO hidden transactional fees.

Such an important point when deciding what kind of payment method to use!

Who likes transactional fees? Nobody does!

The Disadvantages Of Playing On Boku Casinos

  • Transfer limits.

There is a transfer limit of £30 per day and £10 per transfer which can definitely be a problem for high roller players.

  • Not available everywhere.

Boku is constantly updating its list of approved mobile providers but as of right now there are a few providers not connected to Boku.

  • Casinos won’t let you withdraw.

Many casinos will not let you withdraw using Boku. This truly is one of the biggest disadvantages of using Boku, as most people find it annoying having more than 1 deposit/withdrawal method.

Customer Support

Boku has a FAQ readily available on their website.

If you don’t find the answer there, you can issue a support ticket and their customer support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Another option is to create a thread in the community discussion available on the same page.

There doesn’t seem to be much activity over there though.

How To Withdraw With Boku

With carrier billing methods such as Boku, it is not possible to withdraw.

Before making a deposit with Boku it is very important to know this and to have a working withdrawal method available.

This might change in the future but don’t get your hopes up, buddy.

Requirements Of Using Boku

Before using any payment methods, it is smart to consider the different requirements of using their service.

  • A phone
  • A mobile carrier

That’s it! There are over 320+ Boku approved mobile carriers and can use any phone you’d like, as long as it can receive SMS text messages.

Boku FAQ

🍒 What is Boku?

Boku is a mobile payment method that allows the user to pay directly through their mobile provider.

🍒 Which sites accept Boku?

Every casino listed above accepts Boku as a deposit method.

🍒 Are there Boku betting sites?

Absolutely! They are included in the list above.

🍒 When was Boku founded?

Boku was founded in 2009 by Mark Britto, Ron Hirson, Erich Ringewald and Javier Martell.

🍒 What phone do I need to use Boku?

You can use any phone, old or new that can receive SMS text messages.

Boku Facts

Company Name: Boku Inc

Company Number: 900030

Established: 2009

Address: 2-6 Boundary Row, London, SE1 8HP, United Kingdom.

Email: [email protected]


Transaction Time: Instant

Min Transaction: 10 GBP

Max Transaction: 30 GBP / day

Deposit Fee: 0 GBP charged by Boku

Boku is an easy and fast method that we really like!