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The Full NFL Schedule 2023

Publish Date:July 27, 2023
Fact checked by: Chris A
The Full NFL Schedule 2023

The Full NFL Schedule 2023

It’s time for football fans to get ready for the upcoming NFL season. With only one month left until the kickoff, anticipation is high and the excitement is mounting! As teams gear up for their first games, it’s important to know the full schedule of fixtures. Knowing when your team will play is key for planning out when to attend or watch on TV. Fortunately, it has just been released and can be found here.

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Here is the full NFL schedule for 2023,  and we have made it easy for you to just search for your team or the match you want to see.

Kansas City Chiefsvs.Detroit Lions08/09 02:20
Minnesota Vikingsvs.Tampa Bay Buccaneers10/09 19:00
New Orleans Saintsvs.Tennessee Titans10/09 19:00
Atlanta Falconsvs.Carolina Panthers10/09 19:00
Baltimore Ravensvs.Houston Texans10/09 19:00
Cleveland Brownsvs.Cincinnati Bengals10/09 19:00
Indianapolis Coltsvs.Jacksonville Jaguars10/09 19:00
Pittsburgh Steelersvs.San Francisco 49ers10/09 19:00
Washington Football Teamvs.Arizona Cardinals10/09 19:00
Los Angeles Chargersvs.Miami Dolphins10/09 22:25
Seattle Seahawksvs.Los Angeles Rams10/09 22:25
Denver Broncosvs.Las Vegas Raiders10/09 22:25
Chicago Bearsvs.Green Bay Packers10/09 22:25
New England Patriotsvs.Philadelphia Eagles10/09 22:25
New York Giantsvs.Dallas Cowboys11/09 02:20
New York Jetsvs.Buffalo Bills12/09 02:15
Philadelphia Eaglesvs.Minnesota Vikings15/09 02:15
Houston Texansvs.Indianapolis Colts17/09 19:00
Tennessee Titansvs.Los Angeles Chargers17/09 19:00
Atlanta Falconsvs.Green Bay Packers17/09 19:00
Buffalo Billsvs.Las Vegas Raiders17/09 19:00
Cincinnati Bengalsvs.Baltimore Ravens17/09 19:00
Detroit Lionsvs.Seattle Seahawks17/09 19:00
Jacksonville Jaguarsvs.Kansas City Chiefs17/09 19:00
Tampa Bay Buccaneersvs.Chicago Bears17/09 19:00
Arizona Cardinalsvs.New York Giants17/09 22:05
Los Angeles Ramsvs.San Francisco 49ers17/09 22:05
Denver Broncosvs.Washington Football Team17/09 22:25
Dallas Cowboysvs.New York Jets17/09 22:25
New England Patriotsvs.Miami Dolphins18/09 02:20
Carolina Panthersvs.New Orleans Saints19/09 01:15
Pittsburgh Steelersvs.Cleveland Browns19/09 02:15
San Francisco 49ersvs.New York Giants22/09 02:15
Green Bay Packersvs.New Orleans Saints24/09 19:00
Minnesota Vikingsvs.Los Angeles Chargers24/09 19:00
Baltimore Ravensvs.Indianapolis Colts24/09 19:00
Cleveland Brownsvs.Tennessee Titans24/09 19:00
Detroit Lionsvs.Atlanta Falcons24/09 19:00
Jacksonville Jaguarsvs.Houston Texans24/09 19:00
Miami Dolphinsvs.Denver Broncos24/09 19:00
New York Jetsvs.New England Patriots24/09 19:00
Washington Football Teamvs.Buffalo Bills24/09 19:00
Seattle Seahawksvs.Carolina Panthers24/09 22:05
Arizona Cardinalsvs.Dallas Cowboys24/09 22:25
Kansas City Chiefsvs.Chicago Bears24/09 22:25
Las Vegas Raidersvs.Pittsburgh Steelers25/09 02:20
Tampa Bay Buccaneersvs.Philadelphia Eagles26/09 01:15
Cincinnati Bengalsvs.Los Angeles Rams26/09 02:15
Green Bay Packersvs.Detroit Lions29/09 02:15
Jacksonville Jaguarsvs.Atlanta Falcons01/10 15:30
Chicago Bearsvs.Denver Broncos01/10 19:00
Houston Texansvs.Pittsburgh Steelers01/10 19:00
New Orleans Saintsvs.Tampa Bay Buccaneers01/10 19:00
Tennessee Titansvs.Cincinnati Bengals01/10 19:00
Buffalo Billsvs.Miami Dolphins01/10 19:00
Carolina Panthersvs.Minnesota Vikings01/10 19:00
Cleveland Brownsvs.Baltimore Ravens01/10 19:00
Indianapolis Coltsvs.Los Angeles Rams01/10 19:00
Philadelphia Eaglesvs.Washington Football Team01/10 19:00
Los Angeles Chargersvs.Las Vegas Raiders01/10 22:05
San Francisco 49ersvs.Arizona Cardinals01/10 22:25
Dallas Cowboysvs.New England Patriots01/10 22:25
New York Jetsvs.Kansas City Chiefs02/10 02:20
New York Giantsvs.Seattle Seahawks03/10 02:15
Washington Football Teamvs.Chicago Bears06/10 02:15
Buffalo Billsvs.Jacksonville Jaguars08/10 15:30
Atlanta Falconsvs.Houston Texans08/10 19:00
Detroit Lionsvs.Carolina Panthers08/10 19:00
Indianapolis Coltsvs.Tennessee Titans08/10 19:00
Miami Dolphinsvs.New York Giants08/10 19:00
New England Patriotsvs.New Orleans Saints08/10 19:00
Pittsburgh Steelersvs.Baltimore Ravens08/10 19:00
Arizona Cardinalsvs.Cincinnati Bengals08/10 22:05
Los Angeles Ramsvs.Philadelphia Eagles08/10 22:05
Denver Broncosvs.New York Jets08/10 22:25
Minnesota Vikingsvs.Kansas City Chiefs08/10 22:25
San Francisco 49ersvs.Dallas Cowboys09/10 02:20
Las Vegas Raidersvs.Green Bay Packers10/10 02:15
Kansas City Chiefsvs.Denver Broncos13/10 02:15
Tennessee Titansvs.Baltimore Ravens15/10 15:30
Chicago Bearsvs.Minnesota Vikings15/10 19:00
Houston Texansvs.New Orleans Saints15/10 19:00
Atlanta Falconsvs.Washington Football Team15/10 19:00
Cincinnati Bengalsvs.Seattle Seahawks15/10 19:00
Cleveland Brownsvs.San Francisco 49ers15/10 19:00
Jacksonville Jaguarsvs.Indianapolis Colts15/10 19:00
Miami Dolphinsvs.Carolina Panthers15/10 19:00
Tampa Bay Buccaneersvs.Detroit Lions15/10 19:00
Las Vegas Raidersvs.New England Patriots15/10 22:05
Los Angeles Ramsvs.Arizona Cardinals15/10 22:25
New York Jetsvs.Philadelphia Eagles15/10 22:25
Buffalo Billsvs.New York Giants16/10 02:20
Los Angeles Chargersvs.Dallas Cowboys17/10 02:15
New Orleans Saintsvs.Jacksonville Jaguars20/10 02:15
Chicago Bearsvs.Las Vegas Raiders22/10 19:00
Baltimore Ravensvs.Detroit Lions22/10 19:00
Indianapolis Coltsvs.Cleveland Browns22/10 19:00
New England Patriotsvs.Buffalo Bills22/10 19:00
New York Giantsvs.Washington Football Team22/10 19:00
Tampa Bay Buccaneersvs.Atlanta Falcons22/10 19:00
Los Angeles Ramsvs.Pittsburgh Steelers22/10 22:05
Seattle Seahawksvs.Arizona Cardinals22/10 22:05
Denver Broncosvs.Green Bay Packers22/10 22:25
Kansas City Chiefsvs.Los Angeles Chargers22/10 22:25
Philadelphia Eaglesvs.Miami Dolphins23/10 02:20
Minnesota Vikingsvs.San Francisco 49ers24/10 02:15
Buffalo Billsvs.Tampa Bay Buccaneers27/10 02:15
Dallas Cowboysvs.Los Angeles Rams29/10 18:00
Green Bay Packersvs.Minnesota Vikings29/10 18:00
Tennessee Titansvs.Atlanta Falcons29/10 18:00
Carolina Panthersvs.Houston Texans29/10 18:00
Indianapolis Coltsvs.New Orleans Saints29/10 18:00
Miami Dolphinsvs.New England Patriots29/10 18:00
New York Giantsvs.New York Jets29/10 18:00
Pittsburgh Steelersvs.Jacksonville Jaguars29/10 18:00
Washington Football Teamvs.Philadelphia Eagles29/10 18:00
Seattle Seahawksvs.Cleveland Browns29/10 21:05
Arizona Cardinalsvs.Baltimore Ravens29/10 21:25
San Francisco 49ersvs.Cincinnati Bengals29/10 21:25
Denver Broncosvs.Kansas City Chiefs29/10 21:25
Los Angeles Chargersvs.Chicago Bears30/10 01:20
Detroit Lionsvs.Las Vegas Raiders31/10 01:15
Pittsburgh Steelersvs.Tennessee Titans03/11 01:15
Kansas City Chiefsvs.Miami Dolphins05/11 15:30
Green Bay Packersvs.Los Angeles Rams05/11 19:00
Houston Texansvs.Tampa Bay Buccaneers05/11 19:00
New Orleans Saintsvs.Chicago Bears05/11 19:00
Atlanta Falconsvs.Minnesota Vikings05/11 19:00
Baltimore Ravensvs.Seattle Seahawks05/11 19:00
Cleveland Brownsvs.Arizona Cardinals05/11 19:00
New England Patriotsvs.Washington Football Team05/11 19:00
Carolina Panthersvs.Indianapolis Colts05/11 22:05
Las Vegas Raidersvs.New York Giants05/11 22:25
Philadelphia Eaglesvs.Dallas Cowboys05/11 22:25
Cincinnati Bengalsvs.Buffalo Bills06/11 02:20
New York Jetsvs.Los Angeles Chargers07/11 02:15
Chicago Bearsvs.Carolina Panthers10/11 02:15
New England Patriotsvs.Indianapolis Colts12/11 15:30
Minnesota Vikingsvs.New Orleans Saints12/11 19:00
Baltimore Ravensvs.Cleveland Browns12/11 19:00
Cincinnati Bengalsvs.Houston Texans12/11 19:00
Jacksonville Jaguarsvs.San Francisco 49ers12/11 19:00
Pittsburgh Steelersvs.Green Bay Packers12/11 19:00
Tampa Bay Buccaneersvs.Tennessee Titans12/11 19:00
Los Angeles Chargersvs.Detroit Lions12/11 22:05
Arizona Cardinalsvs.Atlanta Falcons12/11 22:05
Seattle Seahawksvs.Washington Football Team12/11 22:25
Dallas Cowboysvs.New York Giants12/11 22:25
Las Vegas Raidersvs.New York Jets13/11 02:20
Buffalo Billsvs.Denver Broncos14/11 02:15
Baltimore Ravensvs.Cincinnati Bengals17/11 02:15
Green Bay Packersvs.Los Angeles Chargers19/11 19:00
Houston Texansvs.Arizona Cardinals19/11 19:00
Carolina Panthersvs.Dallas Cowboys19/11 19:00
Cleveland Brownsvs.Pittsburgh Steelers19/11 19:00
Detroit Lionsvs.Chicago Bears19/11 19:00
Jacksonville Jaguarsvs.Tennessee Titans19/11 19:00
Miami Dolphinsvs.Las Vegas Raiders19/11 19:00
Washington Football Teamvs.New York Giants19/11 19:00
San Francisco 49ersvs.Tampa Bay Buccaneers19/11 22:05
Los Angeles Ramsvs.Seattle Seahawks19/11 22:25
Buffalo Billsvs.New York Jets19/11 22:25
Denver Broncosvs.Minnesota Vikings20/11 02:20
Kansas City Chiefsvs.Philadelphia Eagles21/11 02:15
Detroit Lionsvs.Green Bay Packers23/11 18:30
Dallas Cowboysvs.Washington Football Team23/11 22:30
Seattle Seahawksvs.San Francisco 49ers24/11 02:20
New York Jetsvs.Miami Dolphins24/11 21:00
Houston Texansvs.Jacksonville Jaguars26/11 19:00
Tennessee Titansvs.Carolina Panthers26/11 19:00
Atlanta Falconsvs.New Orleans Saints26/11 19:00
Cincinnati Bengalsvs.Pittsburgh Steelers26/11 19:00
Indianapolis Coltsvs.Tampa Bay Buccaneers26/11 19:00
New York Giantsvs.New England Patriots26/11 19:00
Arizona Cardinalsvs.Los Angeles Rams26/11 22:05
Denver Broncosvs.Cleveland Browns26/11 22:05
Las Vegas Raidersvs.Kansas City Chiefs26/11 22:25
Philadelphia Eaglesvs.Buffalo Bills26/11 22:25
Los Angeles Chargersvs.Baltimore Ravens27/11 02:20
Minnesota Vikingsvs.Chicago Bears28/11 02:15
Dallas Cowboysvs.Seattle Seahawks01/12 02:15
New Orleans Saintsvs.Detroit Lions03/12 19:00
Tennessee Titansvs.Indianapolis Colts03/12 19:00
New England Patriotsvs.Los Angeles Chargers03/12 19:00
New York Jetsvs.Atlanta Falcons03/12 19:00
Pittsburgh Steelersvs.Arizona Cardinals03/12 19:00
Tampa Bay Buccaneersvs.Carolina Panthers03/12 19:00
Washington Football Teamvs.Miami Dolphins03/12 19:00
Houston Texansvs.Denver Broncos03/12 22:05
Los Angeles Ramsvs.Cleveland Browns03/12 22:25
Philadelphia Eaglesvs.San Francisco 49ers03/12 22:25
Green Bay Packersvs.Kansas City Chiefs04/12 02:20
Jacksonville Jaguarsvs.Cincinnati Bengals05/12 02:15
Pittsburgh Steelersvs.New England Patriots08/12 02:15
Chicago Bearsvs.Detroit Lions10/12 19:00
New Orleans Saintsvs.Carolina Panthers10/12 19:00
Atlanta Falconsvs.Tampa Bay Buccaneers10/12 19:00
Baltimore Ravensvs.Los Angeles Rams10/12 19:00
Cincinnati Bengalsvs.Indianapolis Colts10/12 19:00
Cleveland Brownsvs.Jacksonville Jaguars10/12 19:00
New York Jetsvs.Houston Texans10/12 19:00
Las Vegas Raidersvs.Minnesota Vikings10/12 22:05
San Francisco 49ersvs.Seattle Seahawks10/12 22:05
Los Angeles Chargersvs.Denver Broncos10/12 22:25
Kansas City Chiefsvs.Buffalo Bills10/12 22:25
Dallas Cowboysvs.Philadelphia Eagles11/12 02:20
Miami Dolphinsvs.Tennessee Titans12/12 02:15
New York Giantsvs.Green Bay Packers12/12 02:15
Las Vegas Raidersvs.Los Angeles Chargers15/12 02:15
Carolina Panthersvs.Atlanta Falcons17/12
Cincinnati Bengalsvs.Minnesota Vikings17/12
Cleveland Brownsvs.Chicago Bears17/12
Detroit Lionsvs.Denver Broncos17/12
Indianapolis Coltsvs.Pittsburgh Steelers17/12
Green Bay Packersvs.Tampa Bay Buccaneers17/12 19:00
New Orleans Saintsvs.New York Giants17/12 19:00
Tennessee Titansvs.Houston Texans17/12 19:00
Miami Dolphinsvs.New York Jets17/12 19:00
Los Angeles Ramsvs.Washington Football Team17/12 22:05
Arizona Cardinalsvs.San Francisco 49ers17/12 22:05
Seattle Seahawksvs.Philadelphia Eagles17/12 22:25
Buffalo Billsvs.Dallas Cowboys17/12 22:25
Jacksonville Jaguarsvs.Baltimore Ravens18/12 02:20
New England Patriotsvs.Kansas City Chiefs19/12 02:15
Los Angeles Ramsvs.New Orleans Saints22/12 02:15
Pittsburgh Steelersvs.Cincinnati Bengals23/12 22:30
Los Angeles Chargersvs.Buffalo Bills24/12 02:00
Houston Texansvs.Cleveland Browns24/12 19:00
Minnesota Vikingsvs.Detroit Lions24/12 19:00
Tennessee Titansvs.Seattle Seahawks24/12 19:00
Atlanta Falconsvs.Indianapolis Colts24/12 19:00
Carolina Panthersvs.Green Bay Packers24/12 19:00
New York Jetsvs.Washington Football Team24/12 19:00
Tampa Bay Buccaneersvs.Jacksonville Jaguars24/12 22:05
Chicago Bearsvs.Arizona Cardinals24/12 22:25
Miami Dolphinsvs.Dallas Cowboys24/12 22:25
Denver Broncosvs.New England Patriots25/12 02:15
Kansas City Chiefsvs.Las Vegas Raiders25/12 19:00
Philadelphia Eaglesvs.New York Giants25/12 22:30
San Francisco 49ersvs.Baltimore Ravens26/12 02:15
Cleveland Brownsvs.New York Jets29/12 02:15
Dallas Cowboysvs.Detroit Lions31/12 02:15
Chicago Bearsvs.Atlanta Falcons31/12 19:00
Houston Texansvs.Tennessee Titans31/12 19:00
Baltimore Ravensvs.Miami Dolphins31/12 19:00
Buffalo Billsvs.New England Patriots31/12 19:00
Indianapolis Coltsvs.Las Vegas Raiders31/12 19:00
Jacksonville Jaguarsvs.Carolina Panthers31/12 19:00
New York Giantsvs.Los Angeles Rams31/12 19:00
Philadelphia Eaglesvs.Arizona Cardinals31/12 19:00
Tampa Bay Buccaneersvs.New Orleans Saints31/12 19:00
Washington Football Teamvs.San Francisco 49ers31/12 19:00
Seattle Seahawksvs.Pittsburgh Steelers31/12 22:05
Denver Broncosvs.Los Angeles Chargers31/12 22:25
Kansas City Chiefsvs.Cincinnati Bengals31/12 22:25
Minnesota Vikingsvs.Green Bay Packers01/01 02:20
Arizona Cardinalsvs.Seattle Seahawks07/01
Baltimore Ravensvs.Pittsburgh Steelers07/01
Carolina Panthersvs.Tampa Bay Buccaneers07/01
Cincinnati Bengalsvs.Cleveland Browns07/01
Detroit Lionsvs.Minnesota Vikings07/01
Green Bay Packersvs.Chicago Bears07/01
Indianapolis Coltsvs.Houston Texans07/01
Los Angeles Chargersvs.Kansas City Chiefs07/01
Las Vegas Raidersvs.Denver Broncos07/01
Miami Dolphinsvs.Buffalo Bills07/01
New England Patriotsvs.New York Jets07/01
New Orleans Saintsvs.Atlanta Falcons07/01
New York Giantsvs.Philadelphia Eagles07/01
San Francisco 49ersvs.Los Angeles Rams07/01
Tennessee Titansvs.Jacksonville Jaguars07/01
Washington Football Teamvs.Dallas Cowboys07/01

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