My name is Erik King and I am the Editor in Chief and author here at Gambla.

I have been working in the online gambling industry since 2011 and during this time been fortunate to learn this industry both from the operator side but also obviously from the affiliate side.

Doing this has made me into the marketer that I am today and being able to understand the needs of the two main business ends of this industry.

I am very excited for Gambla and our ambition with this site is tremendously high.

Erik King - Gambla Author
Erik King is the Author and Editor in Chief at Gambla.com

My Background

I have been working as a casino business developer with a former online casino operator that was called “Instacasino”.

During that time, I was eager to be a part of the team and to really understand the business inside and out. As the creator was former affiliates, I started to develop an interest in this side of the business as well.

Therefore, I started to look around for opportunities to get started as an affiliate.

As I now had experience from the casino operator side, I thought that there might be affiliates looking for someone who knows a little bit about the industry instead of someone completely new.

Boy, was this harder than I initially thought.

But then I was so damn lucky!

Forming Zamedia N.V.

I coincidentally met up with an online casino marketer who was from a fairly new started affiliate marketing venture and we started to get along very well.

It soon was said that I was to be the said that I was going to take over one of their main projects called “Zamsino”.

Zamsino, like Gambla is an online gambling guide but Zamsino is made for currently 13 markets.

It has been a wild ride and Zamsino has become one of the biggest and most successful affiliate brands available in the market.

Moving On To Gambla

As Zamsino became a I also started new guides called Kiwislots and more similar brands to this one as we were doing very well and satisfying the visitors need everytime.

But then came the break-through.

Why do we need to recommend users anything?

Why don’t we let the users do the recommendations and instead of us re-listing operators every month the users can themselves rate casinos based on their experiences.

Less work for us but in the end a better end product for the people coming on to our sites looking for a new gambling site.

This idea got me so excited so we (Zamedia) started the development of Gambla.com.

Months later we were proud to announce the launch of Gambla which is set to expand into a large number of new markets including emerging markets over the coming years.

We hope that you’ll stick around and follow us along this journey!

Get In Touch With Me

You can contact me on one or several of the following:

[email protected]